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Slatable is it worth having?

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Slatable is an app that claims to take the tech out of self taping so that the actor can concentrate on their craft. But is it any good?

Below is the view you get when you find Slatable in the app store for Iphone.

It currently has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating (Aug 2019) and the reviews are all that convincing, however after downloading and testing i have advised all of my young actors to do that same and not one yet has reported any issues.

Its pretty straight forward to set up, fairly easy to use and you can create and share a full professional looking self tape without having to make a purchase!

The free version allows you to add a slate (title card) at the beginning, containing your name, audition title, character title, agent or manager details or your own contact details. This adds a whole new level to a young actors self tape.

You can film yourself as many times as you want, choose the best take and then save it to your phone photo library all in the correct format ready to send on to the Casting Director.

By using the free version you aren't able to remove the Slatable watermark that appears in the lower right hand corner of your self-tape but the watermark really doesn't effect the video or performance at all.

If you wanted to remove the watermark and open up other features like adding your head shots to the title screen than the app is £14.99, not a bad price for professional actors with great incomes but for young actors starting out the free version works perfectly.

I'd say go for it! Its the best of the free apps i have used so far and its now used by all my young actors without any problems.

Other essentials for creating the perfect self tape include a phone tripod. Never hold your phone when self-taping!

All of these Amazon products have great reviews and together make the perfect self-tape kit:

We recommend you get a tripod that extends to at least 60" or taller. It is important that your camera is at eye level, ,so if you are standing for your self tape your tripod needs to be as tall as you. Try this

Mount your phone with this universal smartphone holder that mounts perfectly to the above tripod

Here is the Slateable download link again to take you straight to the app store

Please Note: We have used the products on this page but do not endorse any. If you buy something from the above links, MATalentUK may earn an affiliate commission from Amazon.