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Marie Amey Talent Management (MATalentUK) is a boutique agency representing child and young actors from Portsmouth, Hampshire and the South of England.

© 2019 Marie Amey Talent Management 

So who is Marie Amey?

Marie Amey Talent Management is simply run be me, Marie.

I am also Artistic Director of The Young Creatives School of Acting which has helped a large number of young actors gain skills, confidence and experience, helping them to source auditions, agents and more.

In the past I had been approached by parents and young actors asking if i would formally represent them as an agent and at first i politely declined and directed them to those existing agents with open books. Yet over time i have found that i was naturally spending hours upon hours sourcing opportunities for my students in my free time, and then when successful, spending time liaising and organising their diaries, so in fact i was already their agent​!

One of the reasons many parents come to me to represent their child is that I always want the best for them. I work closely with my young actors so that i am aware of their capabilities and can ensure they are consistently improving their skill set. I liaise often with parents so that we are all informed, and am always there to support both child and parent as they navigate the entertainment industry.

I had been an actress and director myself for over 10 years and have also worked in schools using drama to ignite passion for curriculum topics. In 2019 I won the Pamodozi Inspirational Woman of Portsmouth Award in the Education Category, for my work within The Young Creatives Portsmouth.

I also have two beautiful munchkins and a very supportive husband, all of which can be found organising costumes, helping to dismantle set, lugging camera equipment or any of the other many jobs involved in running an acting school!

Well, that's me mostly... I love to sing, I dance like crazy (when nobodies watching), I like to meet people I connect with. I can not stand people who drop litter. I love food. I love to make anything, out of anything. I live and breath creativity, and my passion lies in helping others to achieve. Look out for lots more blogs celebrating our young actors achievements!

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